Friday, August 28, 2009


Sorry for not updating this in... well, forever. I just got back from Turkey on Tuesday, and spent a few days in NY before returning home yesterday. In Turkey, we spent 2 days touring around, visited some bazaars etc, and then played about 9 days of bridge... Quite tiring over periods of time. The USBF sent 2 teams... USA Blue (Justin Lall, Jeremy Fournier, Matt Meckstroth, Kevin Dwyer, Kevin Fay, Jason Chiu) and USA Red (Me, Cameron Shunta, Alex Hudson, John Marriott, Owen Lien, Zach Brescoll), USA Blue got off to a flying start in the Swiss, winning every match, they squeaked by in the Quarterfinal by 1 IMP, but lost in the Semi-Final to Italy. They won the playoff for the bronze medal against the Dutch. We on the other hand, failed to qualify in the swiss teams, so we played the BAM. After recovering from a 6.5/15 board session the first round, we won the Bronze in the BAM. Turkey was a success and I now have my BBO Star... what more could I ask for?