Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Few Good Stories

I have so many amusing stories from at the table play. Most of them involve big numbers, but some are just plain funny or ironic. I have always been amused by how some people can be so brilliant away from the table, and yet make fools out of themselves when at the table.

The first one comes from Gatlinburg this past year in the Zip KOs:
All Vulnerable at IMPs, my partner dealt and I held:


I was playing with my father, and he opened 2H, RHO passed, I passed and LHO reopened with a double which was passed back to me. I should have let this go, and accepted my -800, however I chose to try to rescue with a XX. Over my XX, my father held Qx KJ9xxx xxx Qx and saw nowhere good to go... and passed. 2H Redoubled quickly went for 1600, and needless to say, I was in bed early that night. This brought about a new adage that I do not recommend you follow: "When in doubt, pass an SOS Redouble"

My next story was actually published in the bridge bulletin about a year back. I am known in the area for making unmakable contracts, several years back I was playing in a local sectional with Jim Somma, who is one of my local partners. On the ride to the event, we had discussed Minorwood for minors and Kickback for hearts, and I didn't think much of it. We started playing, and the 3rd board in, we change for the next round and sit down to play two ladies. I picked up Kxx AT9 AKQxxx x and opened a strong club. Partner bid a natural and GF 2C, I bid 2D and he bid 4D, which he thought was Kickback, I thought was Minorwood... We eventually wound up in a confidently bid 7NT, and my LHO thinks for a moment before passing and leading a diamond. I see this dummy:



Somehow partner was convinced I had lots of things I didn't have... Anyway, I won the opening lead and led the Queen of Hearts, covered with the king. I proceeded to cash all my red suit tricks, and LHO was squeezed!! My 13th trick was the 8 of clubs, and on that, RHO played the Queen of spades, I played the king, and LHO turned over the ACE!!! She glanced at her partner and said simply: "Gee, I guess I should have cashed this".

The next one is from a Regional in Palm Beach Gardens, where me and Jim were playing in a Knockout Match. Our very first board, I open 1C strong and he bids 7NT. I had 15 HCP with 5-5 Majors and he had 25 HCP. The very next board I open 1C again and he bids 2C, which we had changed to a transfer to Diamonds. I accepted the transfer, he bid 2NT, showing 2 of the top 3 honors with 5D, I bid Minorwood (4D) and he bid 4NT which I comfortably passed. My RHO who was on lead turned to me and asked "Were any of those bids natural?" and I replied a calm "No". She eventually chose a small heart from K98x, I held AQJx and Jim had Txx. It was the only lead that lets 4NT or even 3NT through. How sweet it is.

Finally, the next morning in Palm Beach Gardens, playing in a side pairs, I opened a strong club and LHO turned to my partner and asked "What's that?" he informed them we were playing a strong club, and she then proceeded to ask "How do you know that?". Jim bid 1D and my RHO asked what it meant... I answered that it was Negative 0-7 HCP, and RHO said "Are you sure?" and called the director on me, saying that I was guessing what my partner's bids meant, even after I answered yes. LOL. We of course took 3 tops off these people, but it's amazing what fools they can make of themselves.

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