Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wisdom Gone

Well, the procedure was a breeze, and the aftermath is really the hard part. I'm currently on 3 different medicines... An extreme painkiller, a swelling reducer and an antibiotic. I'll be somewhat tired and stuff for the next couple days, but overall I'm doing pretty well. I will probably just play bridge (badly) tommorow, watch some TV, and rest... Starting tommorow I can have some other things other than a breakfast shake, so I am looking forward to that. Anyway, I'll probably be posting more hands tommorow...


  1. tomorrow* :P
    And you gotta work on your colouring of your blog man. Everything is so contrasting except the black text! :P lol @ "extreme" painkiller. Enjoy your rest ^^

  2. Yeah, I know... For some reason it defaulted like this... I'm gonna work on it tommorow when it isn't 3AM... :D

  3. that was terse :) what good drugs for the surgery? post-op? LOL Obligatory bridge content : IMPs 3N lead QS dummy xx AQxx KQxxxx Q declarer AKx Jx x KJT8xxx plan the play. [well-known old hand]. cheers